Sound healing is also known as a Sound Bath. Being bathed in sound from head to toe.

The science behind sound is that every cell in our body vibrates at a certain frequency (Hz). By matching the ideal frequency with Tibetan singing bowls, crystal singing bowls, tuning forks and gongs we clear all dis-ease from body & mind. 

The sound stimulates our circulation and immune system, cleanses our energy meridians, and helps to release emotions stored in our body.

Switching off from the world and it’s stressors, allows for harmony, creating a space for healing and balance.  


Just as the tides are influenced by the moon so are we influenced by frequency and vibration.

After 17 years being in the corporate environment, I understand the stress of daily life and the many challenges it brings with it, such as Anxiety, Stress, Depression, Lethargy, Insomnia and various other health issues.  

With years of experience in the Health and Beauty Industry which took me all over the world, gave me the opportunity to study the power of sound, energy and vibration. Allowing me an understanding, scientifically, holistically and spiritually.

I do not believe that there is a right way or a wrong way to heal. This is your journey, you are perfect and you will always know what is best for you. I am just here to guide you and I am so excited to be apart of your Journey. 


Private Session: R275

Couples Session: R325

Group Session: R175